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Educator, mentor, speaker on the topics of Resilience, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion


Honorary awards for exceptional humanitarian efforts, international clinical work & medical research



Trevor McGregor



Author, transformational teacher, meditation instructor


Health & performance coach for traveling entrepreneurs


Singer, performer, recording artist & personal trainer


Author ‘A gift to self' understanding the human nature


Excellence leadership roles, training health care providers in the Integrative Medical Arena


Sound therapist & Eastern medicine practitioner


Anti-aging expert & American public speaker


Transformational coach


Graphic & brand designer. Creating + inspiring creative, adventurous & healthy living


International disruptor & innovator. Call to action-lifestyle in Tech, Entreatment


Co-founder of Polaris Insight Center, providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy


Founder of NutriAlliance, BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner



Dr. Rupam Khanna is a Practicing Dentist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. She is a Mother of two wonderful kids and lives with her husband in San Francisco Bay Area. Passionate about health, wellness and unconditional giving, the vision of “180 Elevate” came from her love of her work which stems from her devotion to having meaningful human interactions. She considers herself very fortunate to have well-balanced and abundant life that gave her opportunities to have experiences with holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellness. She is extremely grateful to her family, her friends, her patients and her colleagues for sharing their life experiences that contributed to her feeling of life-richness. She sincerely believes that this divine feeling of abundance that she experiences in her life gets magnified when she shares it with others.

Dr Khanna is a volunteer faculty at UCSF and is also a founding member of Bay Area Dental Assisting Institute (training academy providing scholarships for dental assistants). She and her daughter are also active members of an accredited mother-daughter philanthropy NCL (National Charity League) that embraces Community Service, Leadership Development and Cultural Experiences. Her personal growth journey involves numerous experiences like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Dave Asprey, Sadhguru and Mindvalley events. She is a practitioner and self-promoter of Vipassana, Yoga workshops Pilates and healthy eating habits on a routine basis. She stands by the belief that we are our rituals and truly wants to willingly receive and graciously give through this forum.

“When you unlock your passion, you find your purpose”


Nicky is the founder and CEO of MissPoppins, a modern digital village app revolutionizing the art of parenting. Nicky, formerly a seasoned global HR executive, most recently served as the head of HR for Square. With experience spanning over 63 countries, Nicky, now a new mom of identical twin boys, launches her startup venture in the realm of conscious parenting. Holding degrees in Biochemistry, Economics, and a Master's in Fashion Design, she also possesses a private pilot license, showcasing her love for flying. As the founder of 180Elevate.com, Nicky hosts a thought-leadership-based podcast. Passionate about wellness and community service, her leadership extends to healthcare industries and nonprofits, serving on boards such as TWIC, the former International Benefits Network, Global Benefits Association, Pratham, and the American Indian Foundation. She has also held roles as the former CFO of the United Nations-SF and the former HR and Finance Chairman for her city councils. As a 2-time TEDx host, Nicky remains dedicated to making a positive impact.


Dr. Bhagra's research interests include point-of-care technologies and their complementary role in graduate and postgraduate medical training and clinical applications of point-of-care ultrasound by nontraditional users at the bed side. Dr. Bhagra's current research program focuses on stress and resilience from multiple points of view: enhancing resilience, decreasing stress and anxiety, healthy aging through optimism and happiness, leadership and resilience, work-life balance, sex differences, and stress reduction in women, health care professionals and trainees. Dr. Bhagra focuses on enhancing understanding of sex-specific differences in stress, resiliency and burnout. She is a Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Bhagra's research goal is to understand and devise a feasible training and practice model to employ point-of-care imaging in providing state-of-the-art, timely and accurate clinical care by health care providers across all specialty areas. Through Dr. Bhagra's stress and resilience research, she ultimately hopes to develop better tools to help mitigate effects of stress on overall health and wellness.



Jake teaches the three keys to success people need to know to increase their vitality, build their confidence and raise them to their peak performance. He speaks with a simple understanding of how people’s mind & body works and incorporates intelligent thinking that opens doors to making positive changes in their lifestyle.

Whether Jake is working with small business owners, Fortune 500 CEO's, or speakers for Tony Robbins, his goal is to show entrepreneurs how they can obtain and sustain their goals even with a busy and on the go lifestyle.


Angie has had a spiritual understanding of music since she was a young child. It’s the soul awakening connection with people that keeps her fueled and momentous to this very day. “Music is vibration, energy is vibration, it’s supposed to touch us, awaken us. That’s why you can put on your favorite feel good song and your body will begin to move. Music has always been my happy place even if “happy” means connecting to the lows that life can throw your way.” Angie had the relatable childhood of a broken home, and also the tumultuous reality of living with addicts. “It was my normal to experience uncertainty with my mom, but thankfully my dad’s side was the total opposite. Seeing this told me that I get to choose the path for my own life. I have to say I have always felt loved unconditionally and that is the difference with having the self worth to choose a better path. I realized in reflection as an adult that the unconditional love came from my own self love. I can relate empathetically to many people, they sense my heart. I’ve never been afraid to feel. I thrive on feeling, it has great purpose, feeling reminds you you’re alive.” Angie pens her feelings to the page and creates her music from her truth. Angie has a determination and curiosity to dive into as many styles and projects that she can. “No rules when it comes to creating. Life doesn’t work like that, if it did everyones lives would look the same. If I had to say there was one rule, it would be continued expansion of the soul all the days of one's life. “ Angie is a professional singer, songwriter and recording artist. She has been sharing her gift on the Bay Area stage for over 22 years. Angie is also a certified personal trainer, mother and wife.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR / OWNER of RaJeunir Wellness, LLC PRESIDENT / OWNER of Personalized Medical Associates, LLC PRESIDENT / OWNER of Personalized Medical Management, LLC CAPITAL BUSINESS VENTURES with GNP Development, LLC

Dr. Cathleen started her medical journey at a young age. She attended the University of Florida for her undergraduate program and continued her journey at Life University School of Chiropractic Medicine in Georgia. She received her doctorate at the age of 24, the youngest to receive a doctorate among her peers.

Dr. Cathleen is Chiropractic National Board Certified in Part I, II, III and IV, Physiological Therapeutics and Acupuncture. She also is certified by the Florida Board of Chiropractic and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

By the age of 26, Dr. Cathleen opened her first private practice in Orange City, Florida. After 12 years of private practice she became part of a group practice, SaJune Medical Institute in Orlando, Florida.  In 2015 Dr. Cathleen opened a private boutique style clinic RaJeunir Wellness, located in the Channel District, Tampa, Florida.  With a mission of transforming lives via educating her audience on health and wellness.  She is coined as the “Healthy Living Expert Doctor” among her Followers.

Having the vision of changing the mindset of standard “reactive” medicine to “proactive” medicine, Dr. Cathleen developed a systematic protocol that addresses all aspects of health and wellness. She teaches injury prevention, how to manage stress and anxiety, and how to maintain peak performance. She combines Hormonal Optimization, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Genetic Testing and Regenerative Medicine to achieve maximum results.

Dr. Cathleen she captivates her audience with her charisma and authenticity. She speaks at medical conferences (nationally and internationally), local communities, women’s clubs, leadership groups, financial firms and schools on health and wellness. Her speaking technique is engaging and informative. She provides tools that her audience can implement immediately.

An avid golfer, Dr. Cathleen believes physical fitness is essential to long-term health. Due to her understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing and how it affects the body’s muscle-skeletal system, she treats professional athletes on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, baseball players and hockey players.

Dr. Cathleen’s private life is dedicated to a healthy living lifestyle. She enjoys spinning, dancing, Zumba, barre fitness, yoga and weight training. Her domestic hobbies include cooking, juicing, and sewing.

Dr. Cathleen lives a colorful life. Her charisma is contagious. She is on the book cover of “Weeping Under This Same Moon” written by Jana Laiz. The book was based on her journey as a young refugee. She was invited to speak at the International Rescue Committee located in New York City. Dr. Cathleen somehow finds time to speak at schools and inspires young adults to be the “designer of their own destination.”

She was also recruited as Publix Supermarket’s Apron model. Publix Supermarket is one of the largest US Regional Grocery Chains, ranked No. 7 on Forbes 2017 List of Largest Private Companies. Her videos are featured in 1,215 retail locations throughout the Unites States.

Besides running her medical practices, Dr. Cathleen is also is involved with real estate development projects. Projects includes a surgery center, holistic addiction center, and a Cube Smart located in Celebration, Florida - a Disney property, Sabal Trace Golf Course located in Sarasota, Florida, Mandalay Bay Resort located in Key Largo, Florida, and a Housing Development located in Seattle, Washington State.


Sondra Harmon has the basic belief that we can stay in love - in love with our partner, with our work, with our lives and with ourselves. 


Prior to realizing this, was a journey from being a C-level executive in a variety of technology companies to co-founding an internationally-recognized non-profit.


She describes this as "I felt broken in relationships. The harder I tried to change things, the worse it got.  I felt like I was walking on eggshells, never sure the next thing that would trigger a blow up. I secretly cried myself to sleep so many nights. It had to be a secret.  I was so competent in so many other areas of my life, the companies I managed, the non-profit I ran.  I felt ashamed that this one part of my life sucked. I should be able to figure it out, have the perfect life, be the perfect partner, the perfect wife.  Finally I decided. I decided I could not live the rest of my life that way. And that is where it all started."


After that decision she began a quest.  This led her to India learning from and being transformed by the spiritual sage, Preethaji.  Then it was embarking on a 2 1/2 program researching and teaching under the mentorship of relationship expert Alison Armstrong.  


Now she devotes her time helping others transform their relationships.  For her, transformation is different from fixing or improving something.  It isn't about a list of tips and tricks or the 10 steps to take.  It is about a fundamental shift.  It is about finding the individual path for each person to live a life of joy-filled relationships. 


Dr Radhika kapoor lives in New Delhi,dentist by profession and is also a entrepreneur with her husband and was part of many exhibitions for textiles in germany and joined her husbands export division .She has travelled to many to learn about textile trade and is keen observer all diverse cultures .It was an amazing learning curve with interactions with my family ,friends ,patients and buyers all over the world to know that we may live in any part of the world but our sensibilities and human nature remains the same . Her book 'A gift to self ‘is about knowing and understanding fifty basic rules of human nature .The most wonderful gift we give ourselves is by discovering self and becoming more of who we already are .By taking care of ourselves and supporting our dreams we live wonderful lives on our terms .


Dr Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado is an expert in Lifestyle Medicine and the immune system for over 43 years having trained doctors in blood hematology, lipid metabolism and peak performance. He is a U.S.C and Loma Linda University Graduate, a major contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies as a medical correspondent to 26,000 physicians and scientists for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M.

Dr. Nick Delgado is an expert in Lifestyle Medicine and the immune system for over 43 years having trained doctors in blood hematology, lipid metabolism and peak performance. He is a U.S.C and Loma Linda University Graduate, a major contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies as a medical correspondent to 26,000 physicians and scientists for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M.
Nick Delgado was the personal Health coach for Tony Robbins Mastery University for several years. He is a strength endurance world record holder now in his late 60's guiding ELEVE with elite athletes UFC, NFL and golfers as well as corporate wellness at TRW, Aerospace to increase productivity and the quality of life.

Nick Delgado was the personal Health coach for Tony Robbins Mastery University for several years. He is a strength endurance world record holder now in his late 60's guiding ELEVE with elite athletes UFC, NFL and golfers as well as corporate wellness at TRW, Aerospace to increase productivity and the quality of life.

Dr Delgado employs the 5 key concepts to wellness 1) Detoxify 2) Nutrify-Plant Based 3) Fortify- herbal Hormones, Stem Cells 4) Sleep 5) Mind Certified in NLP, Love, coach

Delgado Protocol for Health has been Awarded several honors including Certificate of Congressional Recognition as Best Health Products, Ed Royce, Member of Congress-40th District. The newest brand to build the immune system and achieve hormonal balance is called DocNutrients.com

Nick Delgado is the author of Simply Healthy Plant Based Cookbook, Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy, and Acne Be Gone for Good, co-written with Sonia Bansal MD, Board Certified in Dermatology. The iTunes, webinar podcast broadcasts exceed 1.4 million views from Costa Mesa California with host Dr Nick, find him at NickDelgado.com

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nidhi ganpathi

Nivedita Panda Ganapathi is a personal coach, spiritual seeker & teacher. She is eminently qualified with a Masters Degree in Law from Harvard University and a Masters in High Tech Law from Santa Clara University following which she was licensed to practice Law In New York, California, and India. She gave up a lucrative Law Practice to follow her calling to become a Motivational Speaker and Personal Coach. Nivedita draws upon her experience in a wide range of Healing Modalities, Sacred Mysteries and Spiritual Truths to empower people by expanding their awareness. She is passionate about learning the symbolism behind Ancient Hindu Mythology & Vedic Rituals, and teaching it’s relevance in the modern context.

As a self awareness coach, Nivedita has transformed many lives by educating and inspiring people on how to jumpstart their personal transformation and live a purposeful life.  She is committed to helping people deepen their sense of self esteem and personal growth using powerful transformational tools. Nivedita has presented many mindfulness practices at major universities like Stanford, University of California Santa Cruz, and conscious leadership programs at corporates like Oracle, LinkedIn, etc. Nivedita is also a passionate artist. She has held several solo and group art exhibitions donating 100% of the sale from her artworks to several charities in the US and India.


Alyssa is a senior graphic & brand designer with a focus on creating + inspiring creative, adventurous and healthy living.

I have always loved animals of all kinds, but particularly horses. In high school I dreaded sitting in class and would count down the minutes until I could be at the barn. The spirit and majestic appearance of the horses there led to my passion for photography. Any chance I got I was outside, taking in the fresh air and natural beauty—always with a camera nearby (still true today). From landscape and lifestyle to family and pet/wildlife, each day is filled with chances to capture awe-inspiring moments

My creativity and curiosity continued to grow during college, leading to design. In 2011 I graduated from George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design. My design education and skills are complemented by a year of specialized training in photography/visual arts from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York. Since graduating, I have worked in teams and independently designing for agencies, nonprofits, startups, corporate brands, and city departments.

I am still driven by these passions—animals, the outdoors, photography and design—along with traveling. Each new experience expands my mind, heart, soul and love for all that makes us unique and different.

The thing about my story, and your story, is that it is still being written. Every day brings new adventures, challenges and opportunities. Each person’s path is different and that is what makes the world so special and beautiful.

No matter what your interests are, I hope I inspire you to live a creative, adventurous and healthy life. Discover what makes you tick and pursue that passion with determination! Do what makes you feel alive and push yourself to grow, learn, find purpose and give back. “Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”― Howard Thurman


International disruptor & innovator. Call to action-lifestyle Wine brands. Beverages, Tech, Entreatment.

Raised among Napa Valleys finest vineyards & considered by many today as the Mark Zuckerberg of the wine industry. He is also an award-winning filmmaker/producer for wine & lifestyle industries. Jason’s combined gifts as a wine specialist, influencer, entertainer, spokesperson, took him to responsibilities managing & directing nearly every arena of the wine & hospitality industry. Mr. Elkin is now a Proprietor/Vintner owning #TrendingWine, the trendiest and most innovative wine brands on the market! Trending Wine is the first beverage company to produce digitally interactive labels with a call to action that's viral. Some of the labels obtained over 411 million integrated users on social media. Another function is AR / VR and now AI content that entertains as well as introduces new marketing strategies distributed from these labels – patent pending. Jason’s talents don’t stop with growing successful beverage brands. From an early age, Jason had a natural attraction to the performing arts.

It was a California State School Scholarship in Dance that got him into Fresno State University at sixteen. By seventeen, he auditioned at the San Francisco Ballet & Almost simultaneously, he was hired as the youngest professional dancer/singer to perform in the cast revue aboard Royal Caribbean’s Legend of the Seas. By twenty, he had dance and choreography experience for televised-Miss Teen & Miss California beauty pageants, Debra Gibson, Savion Glover, Tommy Tune, Gregory Hines & Janet Jackson. Jason was soon discovered and approached by the Travel Channel in request of being the face of an international lifestyle, wine, travel TV show with intentions of Netflix and Amazon in the future. His latest JV is with Buhman Ranch and Estate vineyards - Est. 1873. The property totals 300 acres of rolling hills, private lakes/ponds, Estate Napa Valley Vineyards and breathtaking views stretching as far as the ocean source from the Bay Area. Some of the projects augmenting from this partnership will be custom lifestyle brands for international organizations, events, sports teams, celebrities and export/distribution for mega developments in the Philippines/China and other Asian markets. With the current restrictions and outcome of COVID-19, Mr. Elkin is now augmenting drive in entertainment venues. These will present concerts, comedy shows and drive-in movies.

Keep it Trendy,


Resilience and Mental Health.

For our Well-Said Wednesday this week, we are excited to introduce you Veronika Gold, a co-founder of Polaris Insight Center in San Francisco, clinic providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues. She is also a sub-investigator and a co-therapist at San Francisco Insight and Integration Center, site participating in the Phase 3 MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy clinical trial for the treatment of PTSD sponsored by MAPS. As our #180Elevate affiliate, Veronika provides Psychedelic Integration Therapy and serves as a consultant, associate supervisor, trainer, and presenter on Psychedelic Assisted Therapies.