Beyond 2020...

Gateway to Mind, Body & Soul Harmony

Sunday, December 20th 5:00PM

A Global Virtual Summit

“Gateways to Mind, Body and Soul Harmony” for better mindfulness, a stronger body, and enhanced spirituality.

This interactive global virtual summit, hosted by 180elevate, features global influencers and renowned wellness experts who will expand your horizons of resilience, bulletproof mindset, nutrition, relationships and more. Time to Thrive as we end 2020.

Keynote and fireside chat with ​ Dr. John Gray

John Gray is the author of the most well-known and trusted relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. John’s book has sold more than 15 million copies and it was the “highest ranked work of non-fiction” of the 1990s, spending 121 weeks on the bestseller list.The book and its central metaphor have become a part of popular culture

Our Mind Influencers

Emily Vavra
"How to raise your vibrations and get out of a slump "

Emily Vavra has turned her passion for business, ALL things health + wellness, mindset development, style and #RealTalk advice into her own brand, ItsEmily. In partnership with her personal team, Emily has built one of the largest Network Marketing Organizations to date - a 9 figure sales organization which has over 145,000 people worldwide.

Trevor McGregor
"Mindset Mastery How to Truly Own Your Identity Around Showing Up in your Highest and Best Self"

Trevor is a globally renowned business success coach who has devoted over 20,000 hours of coaching to help his clients achieve and sustain remarkable results.

Our Body Influencers

Jake Havron
"Achieving Entrepreneur Vitality"

Jake is a world renowned health and performance coach who works with small business owners, Fortune 500 CEO's and speakers for Tony Robbins to show entrepreneurs how they can obtain and sustain their goals with a busy lifestyle.

Dr. Cathleen L. Gerenger
"Balanced brain, Balanced life"

Dr. Cathleen has a vision to promote a mindset shift in our healthcare system from "sick" care to "well" care. She teaches injury prevention, how to manage stress and how to maintain peak performance. 

Our Soul Influencers

Sondra Harmon
"Transform your pain to clearer mind and expanded consciousness "

Sondra Harmon has the basic belief that we can stay in love - in love with our partner, with our work, with our lives and with ourselves.  Prior to realizing this, was a journey from being a C-level executive in a variety of technology companies to co-founding an internationally-recognized non-profit.

Dr. Nick Delgado
"Turn on your love for life "

Dr. Nick Delgado is an expert in Lifestyle Medicine and the immune system for over 43 years having trained doctors in blood hematology, lipid metabolism and peak performance.

Experiential Sessions

"Singer & Performer"

Serena Malkani
"Internationally recognized Sound Practitioner "

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Beyond 2020 Agenda 12/20/20 5 PM

5p: John Gray, NYTimes bestseller on Modern Relationships(Fireside chat)

5:20: Sondra Harmon

Transform your pain to clearer mind and expanded consciousness”

5.30: Trevor McGregor

“Mindset Mastery How to Truly Own Your Identity Around Showing Up in your Highest and Best Self”

5:45:Dr Cathleen Gerenger

“Balanced Brain, Balanced Life”

 5.55: Live panel Q&A with the audience

6:10Experiential Meditative sound session with Serena

6:20: Emily Vavra

“Get out of your Slump”

6:35: Jake Havron 

“Entrepreneur Vitality”

6:50: Dr Nick Delgado

“Turn on your love for life”

7:00Live panel Q&A with the audience

Live entertainment by Angie—-


Dr. Rupam Khanna is a Practicing Dentist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. She is a Mother of two wonderful kids and lives with her husband in San Francisco Bay Area. Passionate about health, wellness and unconditional giving, the vision of “180 Elevate” came from her love of her work which stems from her devotion to having meaningful human interactions. She considers herself very fortunate to have well-balanced and abundant life that gave her opportunities to have experiences with holistic approach to mind, body and spiritual wellness. She is extremely grateful to her family, her friends, her patients and her colleagues for sharing their life experiences that contributed to her feeling of life-richness. She sincerely believes that this divine feeling of abundance that she experiences in her life gets magnified when she shares it with others.

Dr Khanna is a volunteer faculty at UCSF and is also a founding member of Bay Area Dental Assisting Institute (training academy providing scholarships for dental assistants). She and her daughter are also active members of an accredited mother-daughter philanthropy NCL (National Charity League) that embraces Community Service, Leadership Development and Cultural Experiences. Her personal growth journey involves numerous experiences like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Dave Asprey, Sadhguru and Mindvalley events. She is a practitioner and self-promoter of Vipassana, Yoga workshops Pilates and healthy eating habits on a routine basis. She stands by the belief that we are our rituals and truly wants to willingly receive and graciously give through this forum.

“When you unlock your passion, you find your purpose”


Nicky is the founder and CEO of MissPoppins, a modern digital village app revolutionizing the art of parenting. Nicky, formerly a seasoned global HR executive, most recently served as the head of HR for Square. With experience spanning over 63 countries, Nicky, now a new mom of identical twin boys, launches her startup venture in the realm of conscious parenting. Holding degrees in Biochemistry, Economics, and a Master's in Fashion Design, she also possesses a private pilot license, showcasing her love for flying. As the founder of, Nicky hosts a thought-leadership-based podcast. Passionate about wellness and community service, her leadership extends to healthcare industries and nonprofits, serving on boards such as TWIC, the former International Benefits Network, Global Benefits Association, Pratham, and the American Indian Foundation. She has also held roles as the former CFO of the United Nations-SF and the former HR and Finance Chairman for her city councils. As a 2-time TEDx host, Nicky remains dedicated to making a positive impact.