Summer Season 2021

In honor of World Health Day, we are thrilled to present a segment on Biohacking. It is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have full control over your biology.

“We look at what everyone wants – we all want our bodies and our minds to do what we tell them to do. Biohacking is this radical idea that your body doesn’t listen to you very much, although it does listen to you. It mostly listens to the world around you. The idea of changing the environment around you so that your body does what you want – it’s new.”

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof & NY Times Best Seller

Lindsay Johnson

CEO of FitPros

Jim Poole

CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc.

Maker of NuCalm

Dr. Anjali Bhagra

Medical Director, Office of Equity,

Diversity & Inclusion of Mayo Clinic

The Science of Art: Creative Tools to Maximize Your Potential

This masterclass will provide an overview of how art therapy and expressive art making impact the brain to help facilitate personal and professional wellness and growth. Participants will engage in an exploration of the creative process to relax, renew, and increase resiliency. Supplies needed: one paper and pen (optionally, anything readily available, such as colored markers or crayons)

Shazia Siddiqi

Founder & CEO of Let’s Art About It, LLC


Dave Asprey is the Founder & Chairman, Bulletproof. He is a four-time New York Times bestselling science author, host of the Webby award-winning podcast Bulletproof Radio, and has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and more. Over the last two decades Dave, the “Father of Biohacking”, has worked with world-renowned doctors, researchers, scientists, and global mavericks to uncover the latest, most innovative methods, techniques, and products for enhancing mental and physical performance. Dave has personally spent over $2 million taking control of his biology – pushing the bounds of human possibility all in the name of science, evolution, and revolution. The creator of the Bulletproof Diet and innovator of Bulletproof Coffee, Collagen Protein supplements and many more advances in commercial wellness products, Dave’s mission is to empower the entire globe with information and knowledge that unlocks the Super Human in everyone at any age. The proof of these advancements is better to sleep, energy, and expanded capacity for all. Be a better partner, parent, provider, and overall human being in every aspect of life. Be Proof. Be Bulletproof. Through the Bulletproof Diet, Dave has maintained a 100-pound weight loss, improved his sleep cycles, and upgraded his brain, ultimately transforming himself into a better entrepreneur, a better husband, a better father, and overall a better human being.

Lindsay (Bailey) Johnson

As a former corporate Marketing Director, FitPros Founder, Lindsay (Bailey) Johnson has over a decade of experience building events and integrated campaigns, with a focus on retention to drive revenue. Similar to many people in the workforce, Lindsay hit a wall in her career. She was burnt-out from the unhealthy long-hours, eating lunch at her desk, then unconsciously snacking throughout the day. She felt a sense of guilt to step away from the office to workout. As a result, she left the comforts of a steady job, and set out on an unknown journey to find health and happiness.

Lindsay’s personal weight-loss of 45+ pounds ignited her drive to become a nationally certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach in January 2014. Recognizing the importance to connect the body and mind, she traveled to India for a 5-week intensive Yoga Teacher Training. Fascinated by the science of food and exercise to nourish the body, Lindsay strictly trained for 12-weeks with a loss of 11% body-fat and 18 pounds, prior to competing in her first bikini fitness competition in June 2015.

Following her Mother’s footsteps, Lindsay dreamt of owning a successful business. Little did she know her corporate career and more recent fitness passion would collide. Lindsay was referred by a former colleague to teach yoga at their workplace. Word spread, and Lindsay’s teaching gigs became so plentiful that she had to pass along classes to her teacher friends. Struck by a memory of a hodgepodge pedometer challenge at a past job, Lindsay tied it all together to identify a need and business opportunity for holistic fitness and health in the workplace.

Launched in January 2016, FitPros was formed to motivate health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time – at work! FitPros will step in to support your company retain and recruit high-caliber employees, while positively impacting your bottom line savings through wellness programs at your location.

Jim poole

Chairman, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., maker of NuCalm®

Jim is an accomplished business executive with extensive experience in the healthcare, biotechnology, dental, market research, and IT industries. Mr. Poole manages the strategic direction and ongoing operations of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., a neuroscience company focused on personalized wellness and performance. In 2015, Solace Lifesciences, the maker of NuCalm, was granted the world’s sole patent for “Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System.”

Mr. Poole has successfully launched global products, managed growth strategies, and effectively optimized business operations for large and small organizations alike.  Prior to joining Solace Lifesciences, Jim co-founded Focused Evolution, a premier global management strategy-consulting firm. As a Managing Partner, he managed mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and growth strategies for venture capital and private equity firms. Under Jim’s leadership, Focused Evolution grew into a multi-million dollar consulting firm, serving a global client portfolio of 49 companies, across a broad range of industries.

Jim serves on the board of directors of several medical device firms around the world. He is a recognized business leader, public speaker, an accomplished author, and has published numerous articles in industry trade journals and lectures all over the world globally on topics including stress, recovery, performance, and business strategy. 


Dr. Bhagra's research interests include point-of-care technologies and their complementary role in graduate and postgraduate medical training and clinical applications of point-of-care ultrasound by nontraditional users at the bed side. Dr. Bhagra's current research program focuses on stress and resilience from multiple points of view: enhancing resilience, decreasing stress and anxiety, healthy aging through optimism and happiness, leadership and resilience, work-life balance, sex differences, and stress reduction in women, health care professionals and trainees. Dr. Bhagra focuses on enhancing understanding of sex-specific differences in stress, resiliency and burnout. She is a Associate Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Bhagra's research goal is to understand and devise a feasible training and practice model to employ point-of-care imaging in providing state-of-the-art, timely and accurate clinical care by health care providers across all specialty areas. Through Dr. Bhagra's stress and resilience research, she ultimately hopes to develop better tools to help mitigate effects of stress on overall health and wellness.

Shazia Siddiqi

The Science of Art: Creative Tools to Maximize Your Potential 

This masterclass will provide an overview of how art therapy and expressive art making impact the brain to help facilitate personal and professional wellness and growth. Participants will engage in an exploration of the creative process to relax, renew, and increase resiliency. Supplies needed: one paper and pen (optionally, anything readily available, such as colored markers or crayons)

Shazia Siddiqi, MA, LPC, ATR-BC is the Founder and CEO of Let’s Art About It, LLC (, a corporate and community wellness provider that hosts virtual Art Therapy and Expressive Art workshops across the globe. She is a Board Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years of helping tens of thousands of people use art to develop fresh perspectives and improve wellbeing. She has a dual Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wayne State University in Detroit where she is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching Art Therapy studio methods for MA and MEd students.